My first app

It has been approximately six weeks since I began my 12-week intensive program at the General Assembly. On week 5, I created this little app:

The Media Monitor App by Yin Mei

Basically, you can search a keyword and my app will go through The Guardian and NYTimes APIs to pull out the latest articles. If you register/login you can also save your keywords to produce a report. And as long as you don’t log out, you can just access your report every day and tweet your favorite articles via my app. Inspired by my previous work in PR, this app is just an experiment. I made it in 4 days, and I felt extremely nervous about sharing it publicly until about 2 weeks later. (Mostly I felt like I needed to revamp my blog design again!)

Within the past 4 weeks I learned and applied: HTML, CSS, JQuery (minimal), Bootstrap, Masonry, JavaScript (aka Node.js & Express.js), Sequelize, Postgres, Async, Bcrypt, cookie-parser, cookie-session, Passport and two APIs: The Guardian , The New York Times Article Search API. 

This weekend, I’m supposed to create a simple project… and I’m at a temporary loss for ideas. Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out Kimono, Nokogiri and D3 for constructing new APIs and hopefully configuring data visuals. Ambitious, as I am…I’d also like to also figure out how to use OAuth with Twitter & Facebook. And no wait, I’m not done! I also need to understand the Sina Weibo and Twitter APIs. Now, React.js is on the list too (thanks Jeff!) Phew. It’s a lot. One at a time.


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