Shades of Light
Private Yacht Party 2015

a joint celebration with
Ms. Yin Mei & Mr. David Chen

(Ticket purchase page below)

A note from Yin: Two years ago in September, I moved to NYC after spending three years abroad in Beijing, China. I’ve since been a part of forming new bonds between vibrant communities, witnessing & helping an endless migration of global talent relocating overseas and meeting inspiring people with impressive aspirations.

Recently, my dear friend David came up with a brilliant idea: with the summer coming to an end, why don’t we gather all of our closest friends to for a chance to celebrate once more? He had also been meaning to get some friends together to belatedly celebrate his birthday in this manner, so I suggested that we should invite our friends to a joint celebration before summer ends. So with our invitation, I hope you will join us in this gathering of close friends to celebrate friendships and NYC before summer truly ends.

We have a vision of daylight, music, and gossamer light colors in shades of white or light, so please come wearing your best summer whites (and a swimsuit underneath in the chance of rain): who ruled that we can’t wear white after Labor Day? (Answer: No one) Carpe Diem!

Purchase tickets here:

BIG thank you to DJ GoWhere and Kutral for conducting our jams onboard!



Special thanks to Steve Liu, Founder of Sparxo for providing our event platform!

Awesome yacht deal provided by the New York Health & Racquet Club Member’s Yacht:

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