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The Media Monitor App

Inspired by my previous work in PR, I created the Media Monitor App to help users search a keyword and find the latest articles about the query on Guardian and NYTimes. If you register/login you can also edit/save your keywords to produce a stylized coverage report. As long as you don’t log out, you can access your report every day to see top results and share your favorite articles via twitter through my app. I created this app front to back in 4 days.

HTML, CSS, JQuery (minimal), Bootstrap, Masonry, JavaScript (aka Node.js & Express.js), Sequelize, Postgres, Async, Bcrypt, cookie-parser, cookie-session, Passport and two APIs: The Guardian , The New York Times Article Search API.

Feel free to visit the full app at

The HiLOLz Chatroom

The HiLOLz Chatroom was created with and is intended to be an open sourced project. The room allows users to chat together with random strangers or create private rooms to share with friends. The aim is the encourage others to create triggers for various css animations that would appear on the screen every time a keyword is struck.

Javascript,, HTML, CSS

You can try this app out below by sharing this link or opening it in another tab:


SketchPhrase! Is a mobile-first application designed as a party interaction game for 3 to 10 players. Players take turns drawing and writing out their alternating interpretations based on an original keyword or phrase. SketchPhrase is a combination of telephone and pictionary, and the players can share their results on facebook.

Ruby on Rails, Canvas.js, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Facebook authorization via OAuth.

Visit at:

SketchPhrase App - a social interaction pictionary+telephone game by Yin Mei and TRYL 9 (Tif Slama, Linda Martinez and Robert Ragno)


Serendipitous is a webapp that locates where you are via Google maps API. The app matches you to events in your area, events you’re attending near your area and allows you to create/host events. The idea is to facilitate lunch-sharing with friends and other Serendipitous users in your area at POPS (Privately Owned Public Spaces).

Angular.js, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, Authorization with Passport

Currently in development mode


A product of Team 6 from

For more information:

Situs Partners Website

I helped transfer the Situs Partners website from Squarespace to Github Pages, and redirected their domains with several changes in A host and CNAME

Bootstrap, Github Pages, Domain hosted via Godaddy